A Observation on the Pandemic

People, y’all keep calling it “Covid” like it is special…

Coronaviruses are one facet of the common cold. One family of bugs living on that trailer park you call your nose.

For most people, it’s basically a cold.

If you are old and very infirm, you can also die from stuff like rhinoviruses… Or influenza. Or constipation.

But now it is all Covid.

All Covid, ALL The Time…

To listen to the talking heads on St. Louis news shows, we’ve recently had thousands of casualties here. And the hospitals are OVERRUN!!!

The City’s data page shows 28 deaths with the bug since September 1.

I have not yet managed to find data on how many of them were hospice patients, residents in long-term-care, skilled nursing facilities, or nursing homes… How many of them had Do Not Resuscitate orders on file at the facility.

My advice? Wrap yourself in bubble wrap, and never leave your bedroom. It’s a dangerous world out there.

Here in St. Louis, we’re at 145 murders so far this year, down from 263 for 2020…

I’m MUCH more worried about Sumdood than I am about the Covids…


The White House

We’re probably not going to see Trump back in there, at least not until 2024.


It would be too expensive.

You know the peaceful protests we saw all last summer? That was a message. You know the media response to the provoked and invited actions of January 6? That was a message.

Messages that were basically blackmail, but.. at this stage, it would be too expensive to not fold. If courts rule in the favor of the Trump 2020 campaign, and negate fraudulent victories…

We’d see cities burn. And not just the portions with the graffiti and the streetside drug dealers.

When Michael Brown’s biological parents announced that they were having a press conference about their lawsuit for monetary damages (it didn’t matter that the shooting was ruled to be justified) against St. Louis County, and that they were having it on the steps of the county courthouse, that showed that someone had a strategy. A very well-thought-out strategy.

Remember – They’re the people who shouted “Burn it down!” and prompted the riots in Ferguson (a suburb of St. Louis). Ferguson was a diverse suburb (by the black/white standard – not the melting pot…), and not “wealthy.”

And the county courthouse is in the middle of probably the priciest commercial real estate in the metro area.

Burning Ferguson was a test. The St. Louis County Courthouse press conference was the final exam. The county caved on the case, and settled.

That message cannot be countered. The mobs will be organized, and they will be led during the attacks by people who have attack plans, and who have learned how to control, and aim, the mobs. They’ll take police stations, they will destroy major businesses, and… if you try to stop them, there will be photogenic blood in the streets.

The courts aren’t going to allow this. Sorry, but we would see an instant civil war that would make Serbia/Bosnia look like a walk in the park. Roof Koreans (or other folks determined to defend their property) would only make things worse initially, because the media will crucify them. Shooting a peaceful protester who is only carrying a lit bottle of unknown fluid toward your business is a violation of their rights – they were only trying to light the way, and you’re a racist.

Sorry, but proving the fraud would be too expensive at this point. Stopping the next fraud? Do you have the guts to fight the organized forces?

And that will appear over and over. I’m guessing they already have the press releases ready to go. And the press will absolutely love them.

And that cannot be allowed to happen. So… Don’t get your hopes up. You may live in a rural area, or a “safe” suburb. But when it boils down, it won’t be worth it. Yeah, evidence of fraud may get some media time, maybe enough to get Orange Man back into the White House in 2024, providing there isn’t a serious power grab from folks who have had the light of day shown upon their actions… But remember… Most of the folks who perpetrated the fraud weren’t linked together – they just thought they were doing their part.

They are followers of a religious movement, and in their minds, anything that furthers it is fine with them.

We’re not far from your local kindergarten teacher with the “coexist” sticker on the back of her Prius deciding that maybe she should toss a firebomb into an evil nazi conservative’s picture window…

Willful Disbelief

So, I’m chatting with some folks, and… Well, people are still talking about the ‘Rona, and about masks and lockdowns and all the other stuff.

And I ask “So, it’s been pretty bad. How many people died from it here in St. Louis? 5%? 10%?”

And the highest number that people responded with was “about 2%.” Likely because of what we’ve continually heard on the news.

And when I responded that overall, we were under 0.17%, and that most of them were terminally ill patients… there was a silence, and the conversation changed rapidly.

People didn’t WANT to consider that maybe they’d been believing in something that wasn’t quite there. And they also didn’t seem to want to change either.

Here’s St. Louis City’s data page. They don’t really get into what the numbers mean, but some of ’em are pretty interesting to us geeky folks.


Gotta Pump Up Those Numbers

Here in St. Louis, Missouri, in the City portion of the metro area, we have had, thus far, from when they declared the “emergency,” a total of 534 people die with Covid.

Notice that I say “with,” because many of them had serious, underlying, TERMINAL factors at play.

In a population of approximately 319,000 people, we’re seeing an overall mortality rate “with” the ‘rona of 0.167%.

For comparison, St. Louis is currently showing a homicide rate of 0.113% for the same time period, but I suspect it may catch up with the ‘Rona in a few months.

I Guess I’m a Racist

You might be one too.

Someone using a bunch of larger words than I am wont to employ has told me so.

You see, to be in the smart circles, you have to own up to being a racist if you are white, and you have to also lobby for special treatment for anyone who isn’t white (or Asian, or an entrepreneur, or politically conservative, or who just is disgusted by the woke folk).

And you need to fervently apologize for the accident of your birth.

Because the people who aren’t <insert label of horrible group here> need the support of the woke to succeed, because they obviously cannot triumph without suburban youth with Hot Topic hair and Nike shoes made by Chinese slave labor chanting their support.

Equality is not enough – the playing field must be modified to provide the correct side an advantage, since, according to their proponents, they are not capable of achieving that on their own.

Or managing to get photo identification… Seems that is really hard.

So… I made the tactical error of telling one of the Really Smart People that I thought that people should only be judged as individuals, by their actions and how they treat other people. By their character.

And not by their genetic heritage. Not by the color of their skin.

There were repercussions.

Today, I see people who are disturbed when you don’t immediately leap to judge someone on their race. Or give someone preference based solely upon their skin color. Even while it seems like many of the proponents of that formerly racist behavior insist that they are gleefully doing what is only right.

That is only an extension of the movement. They have determined, without a doubt in their minds, that everyone who is not implicitly “for” them, including evangelic fervor in spreading the doctrine, is against them. And if someone is against them, they must be an evilkluckernazi, because any “good” person would be on their side.

And there are sides.

On one side we have the folks with pronouns as their identity, who often proclaim their collective individuality via Hot Topic hair, strange fashion sense, and the occasional facial metallic dangles or tattoos…

And on the other is the man or woman who doesn’t have time to go to protests, because they have a job and usually kids to take care of. To many of them, wearing something from their chosen sports team is pretty radical.

For one group, the concept of “revolution” is exciting. They’ve heard about it over and over in school, and seen pictures of their heroes. To them, an “activist” is someone to be admired. They yearn to impose their suburban manifestos upon others.

The other group? Many of them have seen the actual results of a revolution, since their side tends to view military participation as a plus. They have been to other countries, and often seen the results of revolutionary politics first-hand. They don’t want Pol Pot’s killing fields in their county.

One group is required to be painfully evangelic in their actions – and the other group just mostly wishes to be left alone. One of the actually believes that “Hello, I’m from Washington, and I’m here to help you” is a good thing, while the other starts to wonder if the shotgun is still in the corner behind the door. There ain’t a lot of trust, because there hasn’t been a lot of trust built.

And the people who assume that “diversity” means having an African-American person of indeterminate gender at their party will actively attack those who they view as “racist.”

The fun part about this is that you yourself might get targeted as a racist kluckernazi in need of being punched by a correctly thinking individual. It won’t take much – just not agreeing 100% with whatever they are spewing at the moment. And then the mask of civilization comes off, and they go for scorched earth. Because they know they are right.

And that abolitionists, people who actively worked to stop slavery in this country, and the person who proclaimed the following were in the wrong:

Let us not wallow in the valley of despair, I say to you today, my friends.

And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today!

Dr. King

Trump Derangement Works Both Ways

A third-rate analysis of the situation. There will likely be people screaming about this…

There are a bunch of Trump fans out there. It’s always Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump… That’s nice, and it is also bordering on derangement.

I didn’t vote for him.

The first time. I didn’t vote for Clinton either.

I voted for him the second time, in large part because he was doing a good job. NOT because he was a charismatic TV personality. And because he did not allow Washington to turn him into a politician.

There are a lot of folks out there who were not, and still are not, Trump fanatics. But they’re not against his platform either. They voted for him because of results. Or just because they figured that he was a better choice than Clinton or Biden.

But some folks are hard-core Trump fans. To them, everything is about Trump. And by golly, if by some miracle the election is not overturned…

(And I figure that it won’t be… because the resulting riots and overall destruction would send this country into a state far worse than the depression crossed with the engineered pandemic… The country has basically settled – the same way that St. Louis County settled the lawsuit that Michael Brown’s biological parents – they didn’t raise him, by the way – filed, and then announced that they were going to have a rally and press conference about on the county courthouse’s steps, in the middle of the priciest commercial real estate in the metro area. The county settled, and avoided probably billions in property damage.)

…and he runs again, they’re going to vote for him. And if he doesn’t run, they’re going to write him in.

Absolutists. Trump, 24-7, all the time. Nobody else.

And that’s how you get another four years of folks looting the country. They are the equivalent of the RINO “Anyone But Trump” anti-Trumpers.

And that is another form of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No, he isn’t the new messiah for conservatives. Far from it. Trump isn’t a “conservative.” He also isn’t a “liberal.” He is a pragmatist. He wants results, and he works for results, and if you get in the way… well, he’s not known for his rapier wit – his style is more of a lumberjack axe…

And most of us are at our cores pragmatic.

I’m not going to be voting for Trump.

(cue the screeching…)

I’m going to be voting for Ideas. Concepts. Beliefs. Small government, a shrunken Swamp, fewer onerous regulations. Lower taxes, and more responsibility among those charged with using those taxes. I do not wish to be “governed.” I wish to be represented.

If Trump runs again (and he may not – he’s more youthful than Biden and most other folks his age, but face it, he’s old…), I’ll likely vote for him. And I’ll hold him to his promises. But if he stands back, I’m going to take a good look at whoever he promotes. And probably vote for them.

Kids These Days

I think it is more than just “kids being kids,” or “teenagers being subhuman assholes.”

I think they’ve been trained. Trained for decades to not respect parents, or anyone outside their peer group.

How? Have you looked at television programming targeted at children, ranging from very young to obnoxious?

With very few exceptions, programming portrays parents as incompetents, with fathers generally being incapable of the most simple tasks. There have been a few shows that went in a different direction, but the vast majority hate on the ‘rents, and mostly on Dad.

Why is this? The target audience for “youth entertainment” does like that, but… the conspiracy theorist who lurks in my hindbrain says that destroying the familial mentoring relationship between child and parent, and especially child and father, is a strategy to develop a youth which will be less likely to be guided by those older.

Couple that with the “everyone is going to pass this class, and get a special winner trophy,” and the kids have never learned to plan for failure. And they assume that anyone who does is courting failure. And since older people are, by definition, failures, they pat themselves on their backs at their limitless knowledge.