A Observation on the Pandemic

People, y’all keep calling it “Covid” like it is special…

Coronaviruses are one facet of the common cold. One family of bugs living on that trailer park you call your nose.

For most people, it’s basically a cold.

If you are old and very infirm, you can also die from stuff like rhinoviruses… Or influenza. Or constipation.

But now it is all Covid.

All Covid, ALL The Time…

To listen to the talking heads on St. Louis news shows, we’ve recently had thousands of casualties here. And the hospitals are OVERRUN!!!

The City’s data page shows 28 deaths with the bug since September 1.

I have not yet managed to find data on how many of them were hospice patients, residents in long-term-care, skilled nursing facilities, or nursing homes… How many of them had Do Not Resuscitate orders on file at the facility.

My advice? Wrap yourself in bubble wrap, and never leave your bedroom. It’s a dangerous world out there.

Here in St. Louis, we’re at 145 murders so far this year, down from 263 for 2020…

I’m MUCH more worried about Sumdood than I am about the Covids…


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