The White House

We’re probably not going to see Trump back in there, at least not until 2024.


It would be too expensive.

You know the peaceful protests we saw all last summer? That was a message. You know the media response to the provoked and invited actions of January 6? That was a message.

Messages that were basically blackmail, but.. at this stage, it would be too expensive to not fold. If courts rule in the favor of the Trump 2020 campaign, and negate fraudulent victories…

We’d see cities burn. And not just the portions with the graffiti and the streetside drug dealers.

When Michael Brown’s biological parents announced that they were having a press conference about their lawsuit for monetary damages (it didn’t matter that the shooting was ruled to be justified) against St. Louis County, and that they were having it on the steps of the county courthouse, that showed that someone had a strategy. A very well-thought-out strategy.

Remember – They’re the people who shouted “Burn it down!” and prompted the riots in Ferguson (a suburb of St. Louis). Ferguson was a diverse suburb (by the black/white standard – not the melting pot…), and not “wealthy.”

And the county courthouse is in the middle of probably the priciest commercial real estate in the metro area.

Burning Ferguson was a test. The St. Louis County Courthouse press conference was the final exam. The county caved on the case, and settled.

That message cannot be countered. The mobs will be organized, and they will be led during the attacks by people who have attack plans, and who have learned how to control, and aim, the mobs. They’ll take police stations, they will destroy major businesses, and… if you try to stop them, there will be photogenic blood in the streets.

The courts aren’t going to allow this. Sorry, but we would see an instant civil war that would make Serbia/Bosnia look like a walk in the park. Roof Koreans (or other folks determined to defend their property) would only make things worse initially, because the media will crucify them. Shooting a peaceful protester who is only carrying a lit bottle of unknown fluid toward your business is a violation of their rights – they were only trying to light the way, and you’re a racist.

Sorry, but proving the fraud would be too expensive at this point. Stopping the next fraud? Do you have the guts to fight the organized forces?

And that will appear over and over. I’m guessing they already have the press releases ready to go. And the press will absolutely love them.

And that cannot be allowed to happen. So… Don’t get your hopes up. You may live in a rural area, or a “safe” suburb. But when it boils down, it won’t be worth it. Yeah, evidence of fraud may get some media time, maybe enough to get Orange Man back into the White House in 2024, providing there isn’t a serious power grab from folks who have had the light of day shown upon their actions… But remember… Most of the folks who perpetrated the fraud weren’t linked together – they just thought they were doing their part.

They are followers of a religious movement, and in their minds, anything that furthers it is fine with them.

We’re not far from your local kindergarten teacher with the “coexist” sticker on the back of her Prius deciding that maybe she should toss a firebomb into an evil nazi conservative’s picture window…

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