Trump Derangement Works Both Ways

A third-rate analysis of the situation. There will likely be people screaming about this…

There are a bunch of Trump fans out there. It’s always Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump… That’s nice, and it is also bordering on derangement.

I didn’t vote for him.

The first time. I didn’t vote for Clinton either.

I voted for him the second time, in large part because he was doing a good job. NOT because he was a charismatic TV personality. And because he did not allow Washington to turn him into a politician.

There are a lot of folks out there who were not, and still are not, Trump fanatics. But they’re not against his platform either. They voted for him because of results. Or just because they figured that he was a better choice than Clinton or Biden.

But some folks are hard-core Trump fans. To them, everything is about Trump. And by golly, if by some miracle the election is not overturned…

(And I figure that it won’t be… because the resulting riots and overall destruction would send this country into a state far worse than the depression crossed with the engineered pandemic… The country has basically settled – the same way that St. Louis County settled the lawsuit that Michael Brown’s biological parents – they didn’t raise him, by the way – filed, and then announced that they were going to have a rally and press conference about on the county courthouse’s steps, in the middle of the priciest commercial real estate in the metro area. The county settled, and avoided probably billions in property damage.)

…and he runs again, they’re going to vote for him. And if he doesn’t run, they’re going to write him in.

Absolutists. Trump, 24-7, all the time. Nobody else.

And that’s how you get another four years of folks looting the country. They are the equivalent of the RINO “Anyone But Trump” anti-Trumpers.

And that is another form of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

No, he isn’t the new messiah for conservatives. Far from it. Trump isn’t a “conservative.” He also isn’t a “liberal.” He is a pragmatist. He wants results, and he works for results, and if you get in the way… well, he’s not known for his rapier wit – his style is more of a lumberjack axe…

And most of us are at our cores pragmatic.

I’m not going to be voting for Trump.

(cue the screeching…)

I’m going to be voting for Ideas. Concepts. Beliefs. Small government, a shrunken Swamp, fewer onerous regulations. Lower taxes, and more responsibility among those charged with using those taxes. I do not wish to be “governed.” I wish to be represented.

If Trump runs again (and he may not – he’s more youthful than Biden and most other folks his age, but face it, he’s old…), I’ll likely vote for him. And I’ll hold him to his promises. But if he stands back, I’m going to take a good look at whoever he promotes. And probably vote for them.

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