Willful Disbelief

So, I’m chatting with some folks, and… Well, people are still talking about the ‘Rona, and about masks and lockdowns and all the other stuff.

And I ask “So, it’s been pretty bad. How many people died from it here in St. Louis? 5%? 10%?”

And the highest number that people responded with was “about 2%.” Likely because of what we’ve continually heard on the news.

And when I responded that overall, we were under 0.17%, and that most of them were terminally ill patients… there was a silence, and the conversation changed rapidly.

People didn’t WANT to consider that maybe they’d been believing in something that wasn’t quite there. And they also didn’t seem to want to change either.

Here’s St. Louis City’s data page. They don’t really get into what the numbers mean, but some of ’em are pretty interesting to us geeky folks.


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